World Hepatitis Day: Types, Causes, & Prevention


Welcome to World Hepatitis Day! Let's learn about the different types of hepatitis, their causes, and how to prevent them.


Hepatitis A is a viral infection that spreads through contaminated food or water. It can cause flu-like symptoms and usually resolves on its own.


Hepatitis B is a serious liver infection that spreads through blood, bodily fluids, and from mother to baby. It can lead to chronic liver disease.


Hepatitis C is a blood-borne virus that can cause liver damage and even liver cancer. It is often asymptomatic and can go undetected for years.


Hepatitis D is a rare form of hepatitis that only occurs in people who are already infected with hepatitis B. It can lead to severe liver damage.


Hepatitis E is a waterborne virus that is most common in developing countries. It can cause acute liver disease and is usually self-limiting.


The best way to prevent hepatitis is by getting vaccinated for hepatitis A and B. Practice safe sex and avoid sharing needles to prevent hepatitis C.


To prevent hepatitis E, avoid drinking contaminated water and practice good hygiene. There is currently no vaccine available for this type.


Other ways to prevent hepatitis include avoiding alcohol and maintaining a healthy weight. If you have hepatitis, seek treatment and follow your doctor's advice.


Spread awareness about hepatitis and get tested if you are at risk. Let's work together to eliminate this preventable disease and protect our liver health.