Virginia Ham Biscuits: Southern Staple From Fairfax County


Welcome to the story of Virginia Ham Biscuits, a beloved Southern staple from Fairfax County. Get ready to indulge in a mouthwatering journey!


Meet the star of the show: Virginia ham. This salty, savory meat is the key ingredient in our biscuits, giving them a unique and delicious flavor.


But it's not just any ham. Virginia ham is cured and smoked using traditional methods, resulting in a rich and robust taste that can't be beat.


Next up, the biscuit. Made with simple ingredients like flour, butter, and milk, these fluffy and buttery biscuits are the perfect vessel for our Virginia ham.


The combination of the salty ham and buttery biscuit is a match made in heaven. One bite and you'll understand why this dish is a Southern favorite.


But where did this delicious tradition come from? Legend has it that Virginia ham biscuits were first served at a political rally in the 1800s, and they've been a staple ever since.


Today, you can find Virginia ham biscuits on menus all over Fairfax County, from cozy diners to upscale restaurants. Each one has its own unique twist on the classic dish.


But no matter where you try them, one thing is for sure: you won't be able to resist going back for seconds. Trust us, we've tried.


So next time you're in Fairfax County, be sure to try a Virginia ham biscuit. It's a taste of Southern tradition that you won't soon forget.


Thanks for joining us on this delicious journey through the history and flavors of Virginia ham biscuits. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we do!