Vermont Maple Creemee: Frozen Treats From Chittenden County


Welcome to Chittenden County, where the sweetest treat awaits you - Vermont Maple Creemee! Get ready to indulge in a frozen delight like no other.


Made with pure Vermont maple syrup, our Creemees are a local favorite. Each scoop is a burst of creamy, maple goodness that will leave you wanting more.


But what makes our Creemees truly special is the rich history behind them. Our family has been making these frozen treats for generations, using the same recipe passed down from our ancestors.


We take pride in using only the finest ingredients, sourced from local farms and businesses. This not only ensures the freshest taste, but also supports our community.


From classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate, to unique creations like maple bacon and maple walnut, there's a Creemee for every taste bud. Which one will you try first?


But don't just take our word for it. Our loyal customers can't get enough of our Creemees, and they keep coming back for more. Come see what all the buzz is about!


And the best part? You can enjoy our Creemees all year round! Whether it's a hot summer day or a chilly winter evening, our frozen treats are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth.


So next time you're in Chittenden County, be sure to stop by our shop and treat yourself to a Vermont Maple Creemee. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you.


And for those who can't make it to our shop, we also offer online ordering and nationwide shipping. That's right, you can have our delicious Creemees delivered right to your doorstep.


Experience the taste of Vermont with every scoop of our Maple Creemees. It's not just a frozen treat, it's a piece of our history and a taste of our community. Don't miss out on this sweet experience!