Try These 7 Savouries And Sweets Made Of Lauki This Summer


Welcome to the world of lauki! This humble vegetable is not just for curries. Try these 7 savouries and sweets made of lauki this summer.


Slide into summer with a refreshing lauki juice. Blend lauki, mint, and lemon for a cool and healthy drink.


Feeling adventurous? Try lauki kebabs. Grate lauki, mix with spices and gram flour, and fry until golden brown.


For a twist on traditional pakoras, make lauki fritters. Dip slices of lauki in a batter of besan and spices and fry until crispy.


Craving something sweet? Lauki halwa is a must-try. Grate lauki, cook with milk, sugar, and cardamom, and top with nuts.


Beat the heat with lauki kheer. Cook grated lauki with milk, rice, and sugar until thick and creamy. Serve chilled.


For a guilt-free dessert, make lauki barfi. Cook grated lauki with milk, sugar, and ghee until it forms a fudge-like consistency.


Lauki is not just for Indian dishes. Try lauki noodles for a healthy and delicious twist on a classic dish.


Feeling lazy? Make a quick and easy lauki raita. Grate lauki, mix with yogurt, and add spices for a refreshing side dish.


Don't underestimate the power of lauki. With these 7 savouries and sweets, you'll be a lauki lover in no time. Enjoy!