Sudha Murthy’s Love For These Desi Foods Is Truly Relatable


Sudha Murthy, a renowned author and philanthropist, has a deep love for desi foods that is truly relatable.


Growing up in a small village in Karnataka, Sudha Murthy's childhood was filled with the aroma of homemade delicacies.


From piping hot idlis to crispy dosas, Sudha Murthy's love for South Indian cuisine knows no bounds.


But it's not just about the food, it's about the memories and emotions attached to it.


For Sudha Murthy, every bite of her favorite dishes takes her back to her roots and brings a sense of comfort and nostalgia.


Even with her busy schedule, Sudha Murthy makes sure to indulge in her favorite desi foods whenever she can.


Her love for these dishes is not just limited to South Indian cuisine, she also enjoys North Indian delicacies like rajma chawal and chole bhature.


But it's not just about the taste, Sudha Murthy also appreciates the nutritional value and health benefits of these desi foods.


Through her love for desi foods, Sudha Murthy encourages everyone to embrace their cultural heritage and traditional cuisine.


So next time you take a bite of your favorite desi dish, remember Sudha Murthy's love for these foods and savor every moment.