Soya Sandwich Recipes: How To Make Protein-rich Soya Sandwich For Breakfast


Welcome to the world of protein-rich Soya Sandwiches! Get ready to learn how to make a delicious and healthy breakfast option.


First, gather all the ingredients: Soya chunks, bread slices, onion, tomato, capsicum, cheese, and your favorite spices.


Boil the Soya chunks for 5 minutes and then squeeze out the excess water. This will make them soft and ready to use.


Next, chop the onion, tomato, and capsicum into small pieces. Grate the cheese and keep it aside.


Take a bread slice and spread a layer of butter on one side. Place the chopped vegetables and Soya chunks on top.


Sprinkle your favorite spices, such as oregano, chili flakes, and black pepper, on the sandwich filling.


Cover the sandwich with another bread slice and press it gently. You can also use a sandwich maker for a crispy finish.


Heat a pan and place the sandwich on it. Cook for 2-3 minutes on each side until the bread turns golden brown and the cheese melts.


Your protein-packed Soya Sandwich is now ready to be served! Cut it into halves or quarters and enjoy with ketchup or chutney.


With this easy and nutritious recipe, you can start your day on a healthy note. So go ahead and try it out for a tasty and fulfilling breakfast!