South Indian Breakfast: 10 South Indian Breakfasts Other Than Idli And Dosa


Welcome to the world of South Indian breakfasts! Let's explore 10 delicious options other than the popular idli and dosa.


Slide into your day with a plate of fluffy appam, made from fermented rice batter and coconut milk.


For a spicy kick, try the fiery Andhra-style pesarattu, a crepe made from green moong dal and served with chutney.


Indulge in the rich and creamy pongal, a savory rice and lentil dish cooked with ghee and spices.


For a healthy twist, opt for the steamed puttu, made from ground rice and coconut and served with a side of kadala curry.


Satisfy your cravings with the crispy vada, a savory doughnut made from lentils and served with sambar and chutney.


For a hearty breakfast, dig into the flavorful upma, a semolina dish cooked with vegetables and spices.


Experience the tangy flavors of the tangy lemon rice, a simple yet delicious dish made with rice, lemon, and spices.


For a protein-packed meal, try the soft and fluffy idiyappam, made from rice flour and served with a variety of curries.


End your breakfast on a sweet note with the melt-in-your-mouth sweet appam, made from rice flour, jaggery, and coconut.