Ramadan 2024: 10 Herbal Drinks To Include In Iftar To Get Rid Of Acidity And Bloating


Welcome to Ramadan 2024! Are you tired of feeling bloated and acidic after Iftar? Try these 10 herbal drinks to soothe your stomach and enjoy a comfortable Ramadan.


Slide 1: Ginger tea- A natural anti-inflammatory that aids digestion and relieves bloating. Add a squeeze of lemon for extra benefits.


Slide 2: Fennel water- A traditional remedy for bloating and gas. Simply soak fennel seeds in water overnight and drink in the morning.


Slide 3: Peppermint tea- Known for its calming effects on the stomach, peppermint tea can also help with bloating and acidity.


Slide 4: Cumin water- Cumin seeds are rich in antioxidants and can help reduce bloating and acidity. Boil them in water and drink warm.


Slide 5: Chamomile tea- A soothing herbal tea that can help with bloating and acidity. Enjoy a cup after Iftar for a peaceful night's sleep.


Slide 6: Lemon water- A simple yet effective drink to balance the body's pH levels and reduce acidity. Add a pinch of salt for added benefits.


Slide 7: Aloe vera juice- A natural detoxifier that can also soothe the stomach and reduce bloating. Drink a small amount after Iftar.


Slide 8: Cinnamon water- This spice has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with bloating and acidity. Boil cinnamon sticks in water and drink warm.


Slide 9: Apple cider vinegar- A popular remedy for many ailments, including bloating and acidity. Mix with water and drink before or after Iftar.