Papad Spring Rolls Recipe: How To Make Papad Spring Rolls At Home In 1 Minute


Welcome to the world of delicious and easy recipes! Today, we'll learn how to make Papad Spring Rolls at home in just 1 minute.


First, gather all the ingredients: papad, boiled potatoes, chopped onions, grated carrots, chopped coriander, and spices of your choice.


Take a papad and dip it in water for a few seconds. Place it on a flat surface and add the filling in the center.


Fold the papad from both sides and roll it tightly. Use a little water to seal the edges.


Heat oil in a pan and fry the spring rolls until they turn golden brown and crispy.


For a healthier option, you can also air fry the spring rolls instead of deep frying them.


Serve the hot and crispy Papad Spring Rolls with your favorite dipping sauce or chutney.


These spring rolls are perfect for a quick snack or as an appetizer for parties. Your guests will love them!


You can also experiment with different fillings like paneer, chicken, or even cheese to make your own unique version of Papad Spring Rolls.


So, next time you're craving a tasty and easy snack, remember this 1-minute Papad Spring Rolls recipe. Happy cooking!