Pacific Northwest Salmon Burger: Seafood Sensation On A Bun


Welcome to the Pacific Northwest, where the salmon is always fresh and the burgers are always delicious. Get ready to sink your teeth into our famous Salmon Burger!


Our Salmon Burger starts with a juicy, wild-caught salmon patty, seasoned to perfection with our secret blend of herbs and spices. It's then grilled to perfection, giving it a smoky and savory flavor.


But what really sets our Salmon Burger apart is the toppings. We pile on fresh, crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and tangy pickles, all served on a soft and fluffy bun.


For the seafood lovers out there, we also offer a special tartar sauce made with locally sourced ingredients. It's the perfect complement to the rich and flavorful salmon patty.


But don't just take our word for it. Our Salmon Burger has been voted the best seafood burger in the Pacific Northwest for three years in a row. One bite and you'll see why.


Not a fan of seafood? No problem. Our menu also offers a variety of other delicious burgers, including beef, chicken, and vegetarian options. There's something for everyone at our restaurant.


Pair your Salmon Burger with a side of our famous garlic fries or a refreshing salad for a complete and satisfying meal. Trust us, you won't leave hungry.


And for those who want to take the Pacific Northwest experience home, we also offer our Salmon Burger as a DIY kit. You can recreate the magic in your own kitchen with our pre-made salmon patties and toppings.


So come on down to our restaurant and experience the seafood sensation on a bun. Our friendly staff and cozy atmosphere will make you feel right at home. Don't forget to snap a photo for the 'gram!


Thank you for joining us on this delicious journey through the Pacific Northwest. We hope to see you again soon for another mouth-watering adventure. Bon appétit!