Nita And Mukesh Ambani: Here’s What The Power Couple Eats For Dinner


Nita and Mukesh Ambani, the power couple of India, have a lavish dinner every night. Let's take a peek into their dinner menu.


Slide 1: Appetizers are a must for the Ambanis. They love to start their meal with a variety of chaats, samosas, and kebabs.


Slide 2: For the main course, Nita and Mukesh prefer a mix of Indian and international cuisines. Their favorites include biryani, pasta, and grilled fish.


Slide 3: The Ambanis are known for their love for seafood. They often indulge in lobster, prawns, and crab dishes for dinner.


Slide 4: Vegetables are also a must on their dinner table. Nita and Mukesh enjoy a variety of vegetable dishes, including paneer and mixed vegetable curries.


Slide 5: The couple also makes sure to include a healthy salad in their dinner. They prefer a mix of greens, fruits, and nuts for a nutritious meal.


Slide 6: Nita and Mukesh are also fond of trying new dishes. They often experiment with different cuisines and flavors to satisfy their taste buds.


Slide 7: No dinner is complete without a sweet ending. The Ambanis love to indulge in a variety of desserts, including gulab jamun, ras malai, and ice cream.


Slide 8: The couple also enjoys a glass of wine or champagne with their dinner. They believe in savoring every moment and celebrating their success.


Slide 9: Nita and Mukesh's dinner is not just about the food, but also about spending quality time together as a family. They cherish these moments and make the most of them.