New England Maple Syrup Tour: From Sugar Shacks To Pancakes


Welcome to the New England Maple Syrup Tour! Join us as we explore the journey of maple syrup, from the sugar shacks to your pancakes.


Slide into the sweet world of maple syrup, where the trees are tapped and the sap is boiled to perfection.


Meet the hardworking farmers who have been perfecting the art of maple syrup for generations.


Step inside a traditional sugar shack and witness the process of turning sap into liquid gold.


Take a walk through the maple groves and learn about the different types of maple trees and their unique flavors.


Indulge in a taste test of different grades of maple syrup and discover your favorite.


Experience the sweet aroma of freshly made maple candy and learn how it's made.


Join us for a pancake breakfast, topped with warm, fresh maple syrup straight from the source.


Take home a bottle of pure maple syrup and savor the memories of your sweet adventure.


Thank you for joining us on the New England Maple Syrup Tour. We hope you enjoyed learning about the journey of maple syrup and its delicious end result.