Munmun Dutta: TMKOC Fame Munmun Dutta’s Desi Food Choices


Munmun Dutta, aka Babita ji from TMKOC, is known for her impeccable acting skills. But did you know she's also a foodie at heart?


Growing up in a Bengali household, Munmun's love for desi food runs deep. She believes in the power of home-cooked meals and swears by them.


Her go-to comfort food is a plate of steaming hot khichdi, topped with ghee and a side of aloo bhaja. Simple yet satisfying, just like her character on the show.


But Munmun's love for food doesn't end there. She also enjoys indulging in street food, especially pani puri and chaat. Her love for spicy food knows no bounds.


When it comes to cooking, Munmun is a pro at making traditional Bengali dishes like macher jhol and chingri malai curry. She loves experimenting with different spices and flavors.


But her all-time favorite dish is her mother's homemade luchi and aloo dum. She believes that nothing beats the taste of a mother's cooking.


Apart from Bengali cuisine, Munmun also enjoys indulging in Punjabi food. She loves a good plate of butter chicken and naan, and can never say no to a glass of lassi.


But don't be fooled by her love for desi food, Munmun also enjoys trying out different cuisines from around the world. She's a fan of Italian and Chinese food as well.


Despite her busy schedule, Munmun makes sure to take time out to cook and enjoy a good meal. She believes that food brings people together and creates memories.


So the next time you see Munmun on screen, remember that behind her flawless acting, lies a foodie who loves nothing more than a good plate of desi food.