Make Dhaba-Style Paneer Bhurji At Home Under 30 Mins


Welcome to the world of delicious Dhaba-style Paneer Bhurji! Get ready to make this mouth-watering dish in just 30 minutes at home.


First, heat oil in a pan and add cumin seeds, chopped onions, and green chilies. Saute until onions turn golden brown.


Next, add ginger-garlic paste and cook for a minute. Then, add chopped tomatoes and cook until they turn soft and mushy.


Now, it's time to add the star ingredient - crumbled paneer! Mix it well with the masala and let it cook for 2-3 minutes.


To enhance the flavor, add a pinch of garam masala, red chili powder, and turmeric powder. Mix well and let it cook for another minute.


For a creamy texture, add a spoonful of fresh cream and mix it in. You can also add a little water if the mixture is too dry.


Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve hot with roti or paratha. Your Dhaba-style Paneer Bhurji is ready to be devoured!


Want to take it up a notch? Add some chopped capsicum and peas to the dish for a burst of flavors and nutrients.


You can also experiment with different spices and herbs to make it your own signature dish. The possibilities are endless!


So, next time you crave for some Dhaba-style Paneer Bhurji, skip the restaurant and make it at home in just 30 minutes. Enjoy!