Louisiana Po’boys: Shrimp, Oysters, Or Catfish – Oh My!


Welcome to Louisiana, where the po'boys are as big as the smiles on our faces. Today, we're diving into the delicious debate: shrimp, oysters, or catfish?


First up, we have the classic shrimp po'boy. Plump, juicy shrimp fried to perfection and nestled in a soft, flaky bun.


Next, we have the briny and bold oyster po'boy. These bad boys are shucked fresh and fried to a crispy golden brown.


Last but certainly not least, we have the catfish po'boy. Tender, flaky catfish coated in a flavorful cornmeal batter.


But why choose just one? Mix and match your po'boy with a combo platter of all three. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you.


Don't forget the toppings! From tangy remoulade to spicy hot sauce, customize your po'boy to your liking.


And let's not forget the sides. Crispy fries, creamy coleslaw, and tangy pickles make the perfect accompaniment to your po'boy.


Feeling adventurous? Try a po'boy with a twist, like a BBQ shrimp po'boy or a fried oyster and bacon po'boy.


No matter which po'boy you choose, one thing is for sure: you'll be hooked on the flavors of Louisiana.


So come on down to the bayou and sink your teeth into a Louisiana po'boy. Trust us, it'll be love at first bite.