Kerala Dishes: ​8 Popular South Indian Dishes From Kerala That Are A Must Try


Welcome to the land of spices and flavors! Kerala, the southern state of India, is known for its mouth-watering dishes that will leave you craving for more.


Slide into the world of Kerala cuisine with these 8 must-try dishes. From spicy curries to sweet desserts, get ready to tantalize your taste buds.


Slide 1: Puttu and Kadala Curry - A popular breakfast dish made with steamed rice flour and served with a spicy chickpea curry. A perfect start to your day!


Slide 2: Appam and Stew - Soft and fluffy rice pancakes served with a creamy coconut milk-based stew. A classic combination that will leave you wanting more.


Slide 3: Malabar Parotta and Chicken Curry - Layers of flaky flatbread served with a spicy chicken curry. A match made in heaven for all the meat lovers out there.


Slide 4: Fish Moilee - A delicate fish curry cooked in coconut milk and flavored with spices. A must-try for all seafood enthusiasts.


Slide 5: Puttu and Pazham - A unique combination of steamed rice flour and ripe bananas. A sweet and savory dish that will satisfy all your cravings.


Slide 6: Avial - A medley of vegetables cooked in a coconut and yogurt-based gravy. A perfect side dish to balance out the spiciness of other dishes.


Slide 7: Payasam - A rich and creamy dessert made with rice, milk, and jaggery. A perfect way to end your meal on a sweet note.


Slide 8: Banana Chips - Thin and crispy slices of fried bananas, a popular snack in Kerala. Don't forget to pack some for your journey back home. Thank you for joining us on this culinary journey through Kerala. Happy eating!