Kentucky Hot Brown: Bluegrass State Delight From Jefferson County


Welcome to the Bluegrass State, where the Kentucky Hot Brown reigns supreme. Let's take a bite out of this Jefferson County delight!


First, we start with a thick slice of toasted bread, topped with juicy turkey and crispy bacon. This is the foundation of our Hot Brown.


Next, we add a generous layer of creamy Mornay sauce, made with butter, flour, milk, and cheese. This is what gives the Hot Brown its signature richness.


But we're not done yet. We top it off with sliced tomatoes and a sprinkle of paprika for a pop of color and flavor.


Now, it's time for the Hot Brown to take a dip in the oven, where all the flavors will come together in a delicious harmony.


As we wait for our Hot Brown to bake, let's talk about its origins. This iconic dish was created in the 1920s at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.


Legend has it that the hotel's chef, Fred Schmidt, came up with the Hot Brown as a late-night snack for hungry guests. And the rest is history.


Finally, our Hot Brown is ready to be served. The bread is crispy, the turkey is tender, and the sauce is bubbling. Are you ready to dig in?


But wait, there's more! Some variations of the Hot Brown include ham, chicken, or even seafood. You can also find it served open-faced or in a sandwich form.


So next time you're in Kentucky, make sure to try the Hot Brown. It's a true Bluegrass State delight that will leave you wanting more. Thanks for joining us on this tasty journey!