IPL 2024: Popular Street Foods Of Ahmedabad


Welcome to Ahmedabad, the land of vibrant culture and mouth-watering street food. Let's take a tour of the popular street foods of Ahmedabad during IPL 2024.


Slide into the world of flavors with the iconic Gujarati snack, Dhokla. Made from fermented batter of rice and chickpeas, this steamed delicacy is a must-try for all food lovers.


Next up, we have the spicy and tangy Khaman, a popular snack made from gram flour and topped with a generous amount of sev, pomegranate seeds, and chutneys. Perfect for a quick bite during the IPL matches.


For all the potato lovers out there, we have the famous Aloo Tikki. This crispy and flavorful snack is made from mashed potatoes, spices, and served with a variety of chutneys.


No street food tour is complete without trying the mouth-watering Pav Bhaji. This dish consists of a spicy vegetable curry served with soft buns and a dollop of butter. A perfect combination of taste and comfort.


Feeling thirsty? Quench your thirst with the refreshing and cooling drink, Jaljeera. Made from a blend of spices and herbs, this drink is a popular choice among the locals during the scorching summers.


Indulge in the rich and creamy flavors of the famous Gujarati dessert, Basundi. Made from thickened milk, dry fruits, and saffron, this sweet dish is a must-try for all the sweet tooths out there.


For all the spice lovers, we have the fiery and flavorful snack, Sev Usal. Made from a spicy curry of peas and topped with crunchy sev, this dish will surely leave you wanting more.


End your street food journey with the sweet and savory Jalebi Fafda. This popular combination of crispy fafda and syrupy jalebi is a match made in heaven and a favorite among the locals.


Thank you for joining us on this delicious journey of the popular street foods of Ahmedabad during IPL 2024. Don't forget to try these mouth-watering dishes and experience the true flavors of this vibrant city. See you at the next match!