IPL 2024: CSK’s New Captain Rujuraj Gaikwad Loves This South Indian Dish The Most


Welcome to the world of IPL 2024! Meet CSK's new captain Rujuraj Gaikwad, who has a secret love for this South Indian dish.


Rujuraj's love for this dish started during his time in Chennai. He couldn't resist the aroma and flavors of this local delicacy.


As he rose to fame in the IPL, Rujuraj's love for this dish only grew stronger. He even learned how to cook it himself!


Rujuraj's teammates were surprised when he brought this dish to team dinners. But they couldn't deny its deliciousness.


Even after being appointed as CSK's captain, Rujuraj's love for this dish remains unchanged. It's his go-to comfort food.


This dish has become a lucky charm for Rujuraj. He believes it brings him good luck on the field and helps him perform better.


Rujuraj's love for this dish has inspired his teammates to try it too. They have all fallen in love with its unique taste.


Fans have also caught on to Rujuraj's love for this dish. They often bring it to the stadium, hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite player.


Rujuraj's love for this dish has become a part of his identity. He proudly represents the South Indian culture on and off the field.


As Rujuraj leads CSK to victory in IPL 2024, his love for this dish will continue to be a source of inspiration for his team and fans.