IPL 2024: 10 Popular Dishes One Must Try In Hyderabad


Welcome to Hyderabad, the city of Nizams and biryani. As we gear up for IPL 2024, let's take a look at 10 must-try dishes in this foodie paradise.


Slide into the world of flavors with the iconic Hyderabadi biryani. Made with fragrant basmati rice, tender meat, and aromatic spices, it's a dish you can't miss.


For a taste of the royal cuisine, try the Nizami haleem. This slow-cooked stew of meat, lentils, and wheat is a perfect blend of flavors and textures.


Indulge in the famous Hyderabadi kebabs, from the succulent boti kebabs to the spicy shikampuri kebabs. Each bite is a burst of flavors.


For a vegetarian option, try the tangy and spicy Hyderabadi mirchi ka salan. Made with green chilies, peanuts, and tamarind, it's a perfect accompaniment to biryani.


Satisfy your sweet tooth with the iconic Qubani ka Meetha. This dessert made with apricots, cream, and nuts is a must-try for all the dessert lovers out there.


For a refreshing drink, try the famous Irani chai. Served with a side of Osmania biscuits, this tea is a staple in every Hyderabadi household.


Indulge in the rich and creamy Hyderabadi kheer, made with rice, milk, and dry fruits. It's a perfect way to end a meal on a sweet note.


For a unique fusion dish, try the Hyderabadi pizza. Topped with spicy chicken, onions, and green chilies, it's a delicious twist on the classic pizza.


End your food journey with the iconic Hyderabadi paan. Made with betel leaves, areca nuts, and a variety of fillings, it's a perfect way to cleanse your palate.