International Hummus Day: 8 Surprising Hummus Varieties That Are Better Than Any Dips


Welcome to International Hummus Day! Let's celebrate with 8 surprising hummus varieties that will make you forget about other dips.


Slide into the world of hummus with classic chickpea hummus. Creamy, tangy, and perfect for dipping veggies or pita bread.


Feeling adventurous? Try black bean hummus for a twist on the traditional. It's rich, smoky, and packed with protein.


For a burst of flavor, try roasted red pepper hummus. The sweetness of the peppers pairs perfectly with the savory hummus.


Looking for a healthier option? Edamame hummus is a great alternative. It's light, refreshing, and full of nutrients.


Take a trip to the Mediterranean with sun-dried tomato hummus. The tangy tomatoes add a burst of flavor to the creamy hummus.


Feeling fancy? Truffle hummus is a luxurious treat. The earthy truffle flavor elevates the humble hummus to a gourmet level.


For a spicy kick, try jalapeno hummus. The heat of the peppers adds a zing to the smooth hummus, perfect for those who like it hot.


Feeling indulgent? Chocolate hummus is a surprising and delicious dessert dip. It's rich, creamy, and guilt-free.


End your hummus journey with dessert hummus. Yes, it's a thing! Try cookie dough or brownie batter hummus for a sweet treat. Happy International Hummus Day!