Indian Food Controversies


Welcome to the world of Indian food controversies. Get ready to explore the spicy, sweet and sour side of Indian cuisine.


Slide into the first controversy- the origin of biryani. Was it invented in India or brought by the Mughals? Let's dig deeper.


Next up, the never-ending debate of whether paneer belongs in a vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish. What's your take on this?


Slide 4 brings us to the age-old question- is butter chicken really an Indian dish or a British creation? Let's find out.


Moving on to the use of ghee in Indian cooking. Is it a healthy fat or a heart attack waiting to happen? The opinions are divided.


Slide 6 takes us to the controversial topic of beef consumption in India. Is it a cultural taboo or a personal choice?


Now, let's talk about the use of MSG in Indian street food. Is it a flavor enhancer or a harmful additive? You decide.


Slide 8 brings us to the debate of whether dosa is a South Indian dish or a pan-Indian delicacy. What do you think?


Next up, the controversy surrounding the use of saffron in Indian food. Is it a luxurious spice or a symbol of religious divide?


Last but not least, the ongoing battle between North Indian and South Indian cuisine. Which one reigns supreme in your opinion? Thanks for joining us on this flavorful journey through Indian food controversies.