How To Make Roti On 7 Days Of The Week To Balance Astrological Doshas


Welcome to the world of astrology and roti making! Let's learn how to balance your doshas with roti on all 7 days of the week.


Monday: Start your week with whole wheat roti to balance your Vata dosha. Add ghee for extra nourishment.


Tuesday: For Pitta dosha, make roti with cooling ingredients like cucumber and mint. Your body will thank you.


Wednesday: To pacify your Kapha dosha, try making roti with spices like ginger and turmeric. It's both delicious and healthy.


Thursday: Did you know that adding fenugreek to your roti can help balance all three doshas? Give it a try on this day.


Friday: For a twist, make roti with a mix of grains like jowar, bajra, and ragi to balance all doshas and add variety to your diet.


Saturday: Indulge in a cheat day with aloo paratha to balance your doshas. Just remember to use whole wheat flour and limit the oil.


Sunday: End your week with a bang by making roti with a mix of nuts and seeds to nourish your body and balance your doshas.


Bonus tip: Don't forget to eat your roti mindfully, with gratitude and positive intentions. It will enhance the benefits of balancing your doshas.


Congratulations, you now know how to make roti on all 7 days of the week to balance your astrological doshas. Enjoy a healthier and happier life with this simple and delicious addition to your daily routine.