How To Make Dhokla Chaat


Welcome to the world of delicious Dhokla Chaat! Get ready to learn the secret recipe of this mouth-watering snack.


First, prepare the dhokla by mixing besan, suji, curd, and spices. Steam it for 15 minutes and let it cool down.


Next, cut the dhokla into bite-sized pieces and place them in a bowl. Add chopped onions, tomatoes, and coriander leaves.


Now, it's time to add some crunch! Sprinkle some sev and crushed papdi on top of the dhokla.


For the tangy twist, drizzle some tamarind chutney and green chutney over the dhokla chaat.


To make it even more flavorful, add some chaat masala and a pinch of red chili powder.


Don't forget to add a dollop of yogurt on top for a creamy texture. It also balances out the spiciness.


For the final touch, garnish with some pomegranate seeds and a squeeze of lemon juice.


Your Dhokla Chaat is now ready to be devoured! Serve it as a snack or appetizer at your next gathering.


Impress your friends and family with this easy and delicious Dhokla Chaat recipe. Enjoy every bite and savor the flavors!