Hanuman Jayanti 2024: 9 Foods To Offer As Bhog To Lord Hanuman




Welcome to Hanuman Jayanti 2024! Celebrate the birth of Lord Hanuman with these 9 delicious foods as bhog. Slide


Slide into devotion with a plate of laddoos, a favorite of Lord Hanuman. Made with ghee, sugar, and flour, it's a sweet treat for the deity. Slide


Offer a bowl of kesari bhaat, a saffron-infused rice dish, to please Lord Hanuman's love for saffron. It's a simple yet flavorful bhog. Slide


For a healthy option, prepare a fruit salad with bananas, apples, and oranges. Lord Hanuman, known for his strength, will surely appreciate it. Slide


Indulge in a plate of chole bhature, a popular North Indian dish, to satisfy Lord Hanuman's love for spicy food. Don't forget to add a dollop of ghee! Slide


For a refreshing drink, offer a glass of lassi to Lord Hanuman. Made with yogurt, it's a cooling and delicious bhog for the hot summer day. Slide


Prepare a plate of puri and aloo sabzi, a classic combination loved by Lord Hanuman. The crispy puris and spicy potato curry will surely please him. Slide


Don't forget to offer a plate of modak, a sweet dumpling filled with coconut and jaggery. It's a traditional bhog for Lord Hanuman and a delight for your taste buds. Slide


For a savory option, prepare a plate of samosas, a popular snack in India. The crispy pastry filled with spicy potatoes is a favorite of Lord Hanuman. Slide