Gobhi Manchurian Recipes: How To Make Restaurant-style Gobhi Manchurian


Welcome to the world of Gobhi Manchurian! Learn how to make this popular Indo-Chinese dish at home with our easy recipe guide.


First, prepare the Gobhi by cutting it into bite-sized florets. Then, marinate it with corn flour, salt, and pepper for 10 minutes.


In a pan, heat oil and fry the Gobhi until golden brown. Keep it aside and let it cool.


For the sauce, heat oil in a pan and add chopped garlic, ginger, and green chilies. Stir fry for a minute.


Next, add chopped onions, capsicum, and spring onions. Cook until they are slightly softened.


Now, add soy sauce, tomato ketchup, and chili sauce. Mix well and let it cook for a minute.


Add the fried Gobhi to the sauce and toss it well. Let it cook for 2-3 minutes until the Gobhi is coated with the sauce.


For the final touch, add a pinch of sugar and vinegar to balance the flavors. Garnish with spring onions and serve hot.


There you have it, restaurant-style Gobhi Manchurian ready to be devoured! Enjoy it as an appetizer or pair it with fried rice for a complete meal.


Impress your family and friends with your culinary skills and don't forget to share this recipe with them. Happy cooking!