Flat White: Google Doodle Celebrates Flat White Coffee; What Is It Exactly?


Welcome to the world of Flat White Coffee! Google Doodle celebrates this delicious drink, but what exactly is it? Let's find out!


Originating in Australia, Flat White is a creamy espresso-based coffee made with steamed milk. It's a perfect balance of strong and smooth.


The name 'Flat White' comes from the way the milk is steamed, creating a velvety texture without any foam. It's like a latte, but with less milk.


The key to a perfect Flat White is the quality of the espresso. It should have a rich, full-bodied flavor with a layer of golden crema on top.


The milk used in a Flat White is also important. It should be whole milk, steamed to a silky texture, and poured over the espresso in a specific way.


The result? A beautiful, velvety coffee with a strong espresso kick. It's perfect for those who love a strong coffee but don't want to sacrifice creaminess.


Flat White has gained popularity all over the world, with many coffee shops offering their own unique twist on the classic recipe. Have you tried it yet?


Not a fan of dairy? No problem! Flat White can also be made with alternative milks like almond, soy, or oat milk. It's a versatile drink for all.


So next time you see a Google Doodle celebrating Flat White, you'll know exactly what it is. Give it a try and experience the deliciousness for yourself!


Thanks for joining me on this journey to discover Flat White Coffee. Now go out and enjoy a cup of this creamy, strong, and oh-so-delicious drink!