Craving Chocolate? Make These Easy Eggless Cupcakes


Welcome to the world of delicious eggless cupcakes! Satisfy your chocolate cravings with these easy and irresistible treats.


First, preheat your oven to 350°F and line a cupcake pan with paper liners. Let's get baking!


In a mixing bowl, combine 1 cup of all-purpose flour, 1/2 cup of cocoa powder, 1 tsp of baking powder, and a pinch of salt.


In a separate bowl, mix 1/2 cup of melted butter, 1/2 cup of sugar, and 1/2 cup of milk. Add in 1 tsp of vanilla extract and mix well.


Slowly add the dry ingredients to the wet mixture and mix until well combined. Don't overmix, or your cupcakes will turn out dense.


For an extra chocolatey kick, add in 1/2 cup of chocolate chips to the batter. Yum!


Fill each cupcake liner about 3/4 full with the batter. Bake for 18-20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.


Let the cupcakes cool for a few minutes before removing them from the pan. Now comes the fun part - decorating!


You can top your cupcakes with chocolate frosting, sprinkles, or even a drizzle of melted chocolate. Get creative and have fun!


There you have it - delicious and easy eggless chocolate cupcakes that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Enjoy and share with your loved ones!