Contraversial Restaurants: From Rameshwaram Cafe To Sarvana Bhavan, Restaurants That Landed In Serious Controversies


Welcome to the world of controversial restaurants! From Rameshwaram Cafe to Sarvana Bhavan, these eateries have made headlines for all the wrong reasons.


Slide into the story of Rameshwaram Cafe, where a customer found a cockroach in his food. The owner's response? "It's just extra protein!"


Next up, we have Sarvana Bhavan, a popular South Indian chain. But did you know they were fined for using unhygienic water in their food?


Moving on to the infamous Pappu Chaat Bhandar, where a customer found a dead lizard in his chaat. The owner's excuse? "It's a new recipe!"


Let's not forget about the controversial KFC outlet in Delhi, where a customer found a fried rat in his chicken bucket. Talk about finger-lickin' gross!


But it's not just about creepy crawlies. The famous Hard Rock Cafe in Mumbai was accused of serving expired food. Rock on, food poisoning!


Now, let's take a trip to the posh Olive Bar & Kitchen in Delhi, where a customer found a band-aid in her salad. Looks like someone lost their appetite!


But the award for the most bizarre controversy goes to The Leela Palace in Chennai, where a customer found a live frog in her dosa. Ribbit-ing, isn't it?


Last but not least, we have the iconic McDonald's, where a customer found a human tooth in his burger. Looks like someone forgot to brush!


And that concludes our journey through the world of controversial restaurants. Remember, always check your food before taking a bite. Bon appétit!