Budget 2024: Why ‘Halwa Ceremony’ Is Celebrated 10 Days Prior To Union Budget Being Tabled


Welcome to the world of Indian budget! Today, we'll uncover the mystery behind the 'Halwa Ceremony' held 10 days before the Union Budget is presented.


Slide 1: The 'Halwa Ceremony' marks the beginning of the budget-making process. It is a tradition that has been followed for decades in the Indian finance ministry.


Slide 2: The ceremony is called 'Halwa Ceremony' because the sweet dish 'halwa' is prepared and served to all the officials involved in the budget-making process.


Slide 3: The significance of this ceremony lies in the fact that after the ceremony, all the officials involved in the budget-making process are cut off from the outside world.


Slide 4: This is done to maintain the secrecy of the budget and prevent any leaks or insider trading. It is believed that the officials are not allowed to leave the premises until the budget is presented.


Slide 5: The ceremony is also a way to boost the morale of the officials and prepare them for the intense and grueling process of budget-making.


Slide 6: The 'Halwa Ceremony' is not just limited to the finance ministry. It is also celebrated in other government departments involved in the budget-making process.


Slide 7: The ceremony is usually presided over by the Finance Minister and other senior officials. It is a grand affair with the presence of media and other dignitaries.


Slide 8: The tradition of 'Halwa Ceremony' is unique to India and has been followed since the British era. It is a symbol of the country's rich cultural heritage and traditions.


Slide 9: So, the next time you hear about the 'Halwa Ceremony', you'll know that it is not just a sweet dish but a significant event in the making of India's budget.