Bhai Dooj 2023: 13 Quick Sweets And Snacks To Pamper Your Sibling




Welcome to Bhai Dooj 2023, the festival of love and bond between siblings. Get ready to pamper your sibling with these quick sweets and snacks. Slide


1. Kaju Katli: A classic Indian sweet made with cashews, sugar, and ghee. Perfect for satisfying your sibling's sweet tooth. Slide


2. Gulab Jamun: Soft and spongy balls made with khoya and soaked in sugar syrup. A must-have for any festive occasion. Slide


3. Besan Ladoo: A popular sweet made with gram flour, ghee, and sugar. Easy to make and loved by all. Slide


4. Namak Pare: Crispy and savory snack made with flour, spices, and deep-fried. A perfect accompaniment to your evening tea. Slide


5. Chivda: A mixture of flattened rice, nuts, and spices. A crunchy and flavorful snack to munch on during Bhai Dooj. Slide


6. Coconut Barfi: A delicious sweet made with coconut, sugar, and milk. A perfect blend of flavors to treat your sibling. Slide


7. Mathri: A savory snack made with flour, spices, and deep-fried. A popular snack during festivals in India. Slide


8. Ras Malai: Soft and spongy cottage cheese balls soaked in sweetened milk. A decadent dessert to end your Bhai Dooj feast. Slide