Bhagyashree Swears By These 5 Desi Foods To Keep The Gut Healthy And Reduce Bloating




Meet Bhagyashree, a health enthusiast and a firm believer in the power of desi foods for a healthy gut and reduced bloating. Slide


Slide into a healthy lifestyle with Bhagyashree's top 5 desi foods that will keep your gut happy and bloating at bay. Slide


Slide into the goodness of yogurt, a probiotic-rich food that promotes good gut bacteria and aids in digestion. Slide


Slide into the tangy and spicy world of pickles, a staple in every Indian household and a great source of gut-friendly bacteria. Slide


Slide into the comfort of khichdi, a simple yet nutritious meal that is easy to digest and helps in reducing bloating. Slide


Slide into the world of turmeric, a spice that not only adds flavor to your food but also has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the gut. Slide


Slide into the refreshing world of buttermilk, a cooling drink that aids in digestion and keeps your gut healthy. Slide


Slide into the crunch of papaya, a fruit that is rich in enzymes that aid in digestion and reduce bloating. Slide


Slide into the world of ghee, a healthy fat that helps in lubricating the digestive system and keeps your gut happy. Slide