8 Must-try Traditional Foods In Ayodhya


Welcome to Ayodhya, the land of rich culture and mouth-watering traditional foods. Let's take a journey through the 8 must-try dishes of this ancient city.


Slide into the world of flavors with the famous 'Ram Ladoo', a crispy and spicy snack made with lentils and served with tangy chutney. A perfect start to your food adventure.


Next up, indulge in the creamy and aromatic 'Malai Ki Gilori', a sweet dish made with milk, saffron, and nuts. This delicacy is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


For all the meat lovers out there, don't miss out on the succulent 'Galouti Kebab', a melt-in-your-mouth dish made with minced meat and a blend of spices. A true delight for your taste buds.


Experience the burst of flavors in the 'Makhan Malai', a light and airy dessert made with milk, saffron, and rose petals. This dish is a must-try for its unique texture and taste.


Get a taste of the royal cuisine with the 'Shahi Tukda', a rich and indulgent dessert made with bread, milk, and dry fruits. This dish is a perfect blend of sweetness and crunch.


Satisfy your cravings for something savory with the 'Litti Chokha', a popular dish made with roasted wheat balls and a spicy mashed potato filling. A staple food of Ayodhya, this dish is a must-try.


Don't leave Ayodhya without trying the famous 'Peda', a sweet made with condensed milk, sugar, and cardamom. This traditional dessert is a symbol of the city's rich heritage.


End your food journey with the refreshing 'Thandai', a cool and creamy drink made with milk, nuts, and spices. This drink is a perfect blend of taste and tradition.


Thank you for joining us on this culinary adventure through Ayodhya. We hope you enjoyed these 8 must-try traditional foods and will come back for more. Happy eating!