8 Best Street Foods From The Busy Bylanes Of Kolkata


Welcome to the bustling streets of Kolkata, where the aroma of street food fills the air and tantalizes your taste buds.


First up, we have the iconic Kathi Rolls, a mouth-watering combination of succulent meat or veggies wrapped in a flaky paratha.


Next, try the spicy and tangy Puchkas, also known as Golgappas, filled with a burst of flavors from tamarind water and a variety of chutneys.


For a hearty meal, indulge in the famous Mughlai Parathas, stuffed with minced meat and served with a side of spicy potato curry.


Craving something sweet? Look no further than the creamy and decadent Mishti Doi, a traditional Bengali dessert made with sweetened yogurt.


Don't miss out on the savory Jhal Muri, a popular street snack made with puffed rice, peanuts, and a variety of spices.


Feeling adventurous? Try the unique and flavorful Ghugni, a spicy curry made with dried peas and served with a side of crispy fried bread.


End your food journey with a cup of piping hot Chai and a plate of crispy and flaky Luchi, a deep-fried flatbread that pairs perfectly with any dish.


With its rich and diverse culinary culture, Kolkata's street food scene is a must-try for any food lover. So come and experience the flavors of the city.


Thank you for joining us on this delicious journey through the streets of Kolkata. We hope you enjoyed our list of the 8 best street foods. Happy eating!