11 Must-try Desserts In Singapore For Every Foodie


Welcome to the sweetest journey in Singapore! Get ready to indulge in 11 must-try desserts that will satisfy every foodie's cravings.


Slide into the world of traditional Singaporean desserts with the iconic ice kacang. A colorful bowl of shaved ice, red beans, and sweet syrup.


For a unique twist, try the durian pengat, a creamy and rich dessert made with the infamous durian fruit. A must-try for durian lovers.


Feeling adventurous? Sink your teeth into the exotic chendol, a refreshing dessert made with coconut milk, green jelly, and palm sugar.


Satisfy your sweet tooth with the classic pandan chiffon cake, a light and fluffy cake infused with the fragrant pandan leaf.


Indulge in the rich and decadent chocolate lava cake, a warm and gooey treat that will melt in your mouth.


For a taste of nostalgia, try the traditional kueh lapis, a layered cake made with coconut milk and pandan leaves.


Cool down with the refreshing mango sago pomelo, a sweet and tangy dessert made with fresh mango, sago pearls, and pomelo.


For a unique fusion dessert, try the ondeh ondeh cake, a modern twist on the traditional ondeh ondeh, a sweet and chewy pandan-coconut ball.


End your dessert journey with the famous Singaporean dessert, the ice cream sandwich. A scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two slices of rainbow bread.