10 Types Of Chutneys To Enjoy During Summer Months


Welcome to the world of chutneys! These tangy, spicy and sweet condiments are perfect for summer. Let's explore 10 types of chutneys to enjoy during the hot months.


Mint chutney is a classic summer favorite. Made with fresh mint leaves, it adds a refreshing kick to any dish. Perfect for dipping samosas or spreading on sandwiches.


For a burst of flavor, try mango chutney. Made with ripe mangoes, it's a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. Enjoy it with grilled meats or as a topping for salads.


Tamarind chutney is a staple in Indian cuisine. Its tangy and slightly sweet taste pairs well with chaat, a popular street food. It's also great as a marinade for meats.


Coconut chutney is a must-try for coconut lovers. Made with grated coconut, it's creamy and slightly spicy. Enjoy it with dosas, idlis or as a dip for chips.


Peanut chutney is a popular accompaniment for South Indian dishes. Its nutty and spicy flavor is perfect for adding a kick to any meal. Try it with rice or as a spread for sandwiches.


For a unique twist, try pineapple chutney. Made with fresh pineapple, it's a burst of tropical flavors. Enjoy it with grilled fish or as a topping for tacos.


Tomato chutney is a versatile condiment that goes well with almost anything. Made with ripe tomatoes, it's tangy and slightly sweet. Use it as a dip, spread or marinade.


For a spicy kick, try chili chutney. Made with a variety of chilies, it's not for the faint of heart. Enjoy it with kebabs or as a topping for burgers.


Last but not least, coriander chutney is a must-try for herb lovers. Made with fresh coriander leaves, it's packed with flavor and pairs well with almost any dish. Enjoy it as a dip or spread.