​10 Tips That Can Be Used To Set Thick Curd At Home


Welcome to the ultimate guide on setting thick curd at home! Follow these 10 tips to achieve the perfect consistency every time.


Tip 1: Use full-fat milk for best results. Low-fat milk may not produce the desired thickness.


Tip 2: Boil the milk before setting the curd. This helps to kill any harmful bacteria and ensures a smooth texture.


Tip 3: Add a spoonful of curd from a previous batch to the milk. This acts as a starter culture and helps to set the curd faster.


Tip 4: Keep the milk at room temperature for 2-3 hours before setting the curd. This allows the milk to reach the ideal temperature for curd formation.


Tip 5: Use a clean and dry container to set the curd. Any moisture or residue can affect the curd's texture.


Tip 6: Cover the container with a lid or a cloth to maintain a warm temperature. This helps the curd to set properly.


Tip 7: Avoid disturbing the curd while it is setting. Any movement can disrupt the process and result in a runny consistency.


Tip 8: Set the curd in a warm place, such as near a window or in a warm oven. This helps to speed up the process and ensures a thick curd.


Tip 9: Once the curd is set, refrigerate it for a few hours before consuming. This helps to enhance the flavor and texture.