10 Popular Indian Staple Foods With Foreign Origins


Welcome to the world of Indian cuisine, where flavors from around the globe come together to create delicious staple foods.


Slide 1: Samosas - These crispy, savory pastries originated in the Middle East and were brought to India by traders. Now a popular street food.


Slide 2: Biryani - This fragrant rice dish has its roots in Persia and was introduced to India by the Mughals. A must-try for all food lovers.


Slide 3: Chai - The quintessential Indian beverage, chai has its origins in China. It was brought to India by British colonizers and is now a staple in every household.


Slide 4: Gulab Jamun - These sweet, syrupy balls of goodness were inspired by the Persian dessert, luqmat al-qadi. A favorite at festivals and celebrations.


Slide 5: Vindaloo - This spicy curry dish has its origins in Portugal, where it was known as carne de vinha d'alhos. The Goan version with pork is a must-try.


Slide 6: Jalebi - This popular Indian dessert has its roots in the Middle East and was introduced to India by Persian invaders. A sweet treat for any occasion.


Slide 7: Naan - This soft, fluffy flatbread has its origins in Central Asia and was brought to India by the Mughals. Perfect for scooping up curries and sauces.


Slide 8: Pav Bhaji - This popular street food originated in Mumbai and was inspired by the Portuguese dish, pao e bhaji. A must-try for all foodies.


Slide 9: Chicken Tikka Masala - This creamy, spicy dish has its origins in the UK, where it was created by Indian chefs. A favorite in Indian restaurants worldwide.