​10 Kadhi Dishes From Different Parts Of India


Welcome to the world of Kadhi dishes! Get ready to explore 10 mouth-watering variations from different parts of India.


Slide into the tangy and creamy Kadhi from Punjab, made with yogurt and gram flour, and served with pakoras.


Travel to Gujarat for a sweet and spicy twist with their Kadhi made with jaggery and served with khichdi.


Head to Rajasthan for a fiery Kadhi made with buttermilk and served with steamed rice and papad.


Experience the coastal flavors of Maharashtra with their coconut-based Kadhi, served with steamed rice and fish curry.


Indulge in the rich and flavorful Kadhi from Uttar Pradesh, made with besan and served with stuffed parathas.


Take a trip to the eastern part of India for a unique Kadhi made with raw mangoes and served with steamed rice.


Satisfy your taste buds with the spicy and tangy Kadhi from Madhya Pradesh, made with tamarind and served with roti.


Explore the southern flavors with the coconut-based Kadhi from Kerala, served with steamed rice and fish curry.


End your journey with the sweet and sour Kadhi from Himachal Pradesh, made with yogurt and served with steamed rice and pickles.