10 Indian Fruits And Vegetables That Are Not Indian At All


Welcome to the world of Indian fruits and vegetables that are not Indian at all. Get ready to be surprised!


Slide 1: Did you know that the humble potato, a staple in Indian cuisine, is actually native to South America? #mindblown


Slide 2: Another popular vegetable, the tomato, also has its roots in South America. It was brought to India by the Portuguese in the 16th century.


Slide 3: Bet you didn't know that the beloved mango, often referred to as the king of fruits, is originally from Southeast Asia.


Slide 4: The fiery green chili, a must-have in Indian curries, is actually native to Mexico. Thank you, Christopher Columbus!


Slide 5: The sweet and juicy pineapple, often used in Indian desserts, is also not native to India. It originated in South America.


Slide 6: The tangy and refreshing lemon, a key ingredient in Indian cooking, is believed to have originated in Northeast India and China.


Slide 7: The versatile eggplant, also known as brinjal in India, is native to Southeast Asia and was introduced to India by the Arabs.


Slide 8: The crunchy and nutritious cashew nut, commonly used in Indian sweets, is actually native to Brazil.


Slide 9: The fragrant and flavorful cinnamon, a popular spice in Indian cuisine, is native to Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia.